RaceFit is a Hong Kong technology company that specializes in motion detection and IoT smart wearables. Located at the Hong Kong Science Park, our motto is "UNDERSTAND HUMAN MOTION". Our award-winning team is composed of experienced technologists and sports enthusiasts who share the same vision: To create a lifestyle that is Healthy, Active and Fun.
RaceFit CORE
All of our products are powered by RaceFit CORE: An all-in-one, waterproof, motion detection module. Using 3 sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, and e-compass), RaceFit CORE can capture your movement at up to 48,000 readings per minute. We currently have 3 products with 14 patents.
Safe Battery
Impact-proof safety lithium battery
Wireless Charging
Proprietary one-to-multiple charging solution
Seamless Integration
100% machine-washable
Sensor AlgorithmReal-time motion sensing and error detection
Data AnalysisDetailed summary of user activities and performance