Product Portfolio
Apart from sports and fitness training, our products can be used for elderly care, motion gaming, rehabilitation…the possibilities are endless.
Sports & Fitness
Elderly Care
Motion Gaming
RaceFit CORE Fitness
Lightweight and easy to use, the RaceFit CORE Fitness provides motion feedback and motion data in real time, allowing athletes and coaches to analyze motion more objectively. Whether you are in a gym or at home, RaceFit CORE Fitness act as your personal coach to make your workout more effectively and fun.
HIIT Training
RaceFit CORE Elderly
RaceFit offers a variety of services for elderly including fall detection, fall prevention, location tracking, physiotherapy and motion games. As not every elderly person carries a mobile phone, we use Bluetooth transceivers instead to let medical staffs monitor real-time situation.
Fall Detection
Fall Prevention
Location Tracking
Motion Gaming
RaceFit CORE Fitness Pro
RaceFit CORE Fitness Pro contains multiple sensor modules that analyse your motion. It acts as your personal training coach to help you plan your workout, provides real-time feedback as you train and generates comprehensive summaries.